Considerable impacts on human life and activities, access to energy, water and the balance of ecosystems.

At the heart of changes and technologies in AI, data governance, machine learning and the Internet of Things.

Towards positive change with solar, wind, hydro and geothermal power.

Up-to-date information on international relations: political ideologies, governance, globalization…

Current political forces and their government policies in support of sustainable development.

Democratic challenges at the political level: corruption, sovereignty of institutions, questions of legitimacy.

Economic trends decoded for you

Monetary policies

All the political decisions and actions taken to manage the money supply.


Average inflation trends and changes in purchasing power.

Free trade agreements

Agreements to facilitate trade and develop commercial relations.

Cryptocurrency market

The global cryptocurrency market, capital gains and price changes.

From AI to blockchain technology, the major trends of the 21st century are turning the world upside down. They are revolutionizing means of communication, trade and international relations.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence everywhere

AI is everywhere, in the economic, social, digital, healthcare, finance and transport sectors.

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars on the road

Autonomous vehicles are taking to the roads to bring you better driving experiences.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology revolutionizes

Blockchain technology accelerates digital transactions while ensuring their transparency and security.

Women’s rights are gradually evolving towards equal pay, access to education, employment, property ownership and participation in the political life of their countries.

Equality and citizenship
human rights

Thousands of women around the world are victims of violence and remain in the shadows. The website denounces all forms of violence against women and fights these injustices to contribute to a better world. Its principles are based on gender equality, women’s rights and the separation of power from religion.

Find out all about the latest in wellness tourism, including alternative therapies, thalassotherapy, personal care and spa treatments.

Wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is booming, but what's behind the trend?

Wellness tourism: camping holidays, slow tourism, mountain & seaside vacations...

Spas and thalassotherapy

Spas and thalassotherapy accessible to all

At the heart of spas & thalassotherapy: hammam & sauna, jacuzzi, sculpting, body wraps.

Gentle therapies

Gentle therapies, a source of well-being

Various forms of gentle therapy to help you relax: Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, homeopathy...